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Marina Mendoza – Pretty In Pink

Marina Mendoza

Marina Mendoza With Her Pink Dildo

I love the color pink. Today, I was wearing a very revealing pink dress, with pink fishnet pantyhose. It’s the type of outfit that gets me a lot of attention from the men and even sometimes women too. When I got to my photographer studio, I couldn’t wait long for him to get the cameras ready. I was already horny and needed to get myself off. He was lucky, the camera’s were ready right as I was starting to take off my clothes and showing off my sexy teen body. I ended up using my pink dildo, sliding it and out of me to get myself. I had strong and rather noisy orgasm, just a few minutes after I started.

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Marina Mendoza – Sexy Clothing

Marina Mendoza

Marina Mendoza Strip Tease

I get dressed up in some pretty sexy clothing for MarinaMendoza, but today I’m just wearing what you’d see me wearing at school or the mall. I thought it was pretty boring but my photographer thought otherwise. He said I would probably look good in sweatpants, but in a tight pair of jeans and a form fitting t-shirt I looked like a porn star. I had to laugh a little about that because really I am just the girl next door. However, when I started taking off my clothes, showing of my luscious body I started imagining that I was get a porn star stripping down on the set of a movie. That really got me all turned on. That’s when I started to think about what my co-star would look like! I imagined a hunk with a lot of a muscles and a big you know what. Or maybe even better, a sexy female co-star.

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Marina Mendoza – Stripping at the pool hall

Marina Mendoza

Guys, I have to warn you – I’m a bit of a pool shark. Just because I look all sexy, doesn’t mean that I can’t play pool. I’ve been playing for years now. I love when a big tough guy thinks he can beats me just because of the way I look. Ninety-nine percent of the time I beat them easily. That other one percent, sometimes I have to cheat. Well, it’s not really cheating it’s more like distracting. I like to lean over and make sure my opponent has a good view down my shirt. If that doesn’t work, I might start rubbing my hands all over his body. That always works.

Check out these video clips of me stripping at a pool hall. I get so turned on when I have to play dirty. One night, when almost everyone had left I ended up doing a very sexy strip tease. It was one of the hottest nights that I’ve had in a long time.

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Marina Mendoza – Naughty Hiding Spot

Marina Mendoza

I was planning to do an outdoor photo shoot for my website – Marina Mendoza. However, my neighbors were having a get together in their backyard. I like the idea of getting caught, but not by one hundred people and not by my neighbors. Instead, I decided to do it in the stairway that lead from the basement to my backyard. When, I was young I used to be scared of the stairs because I thought it was creepy. Now, it’s the perfect place to get a little naughty, and completely out of sight.

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Marina Mendoza – Lesbian Friend

Marina Mendoza

Marina Mendoza Fooling Around With A Girlfriend

I definitely had some fun last night. My friend Aphrodite Notte hung out together. We were planning to go out to a club and check out the men but we had a little change of plans. I love men, but there is definitely something hot about fooling around with another girl. I love the way her soft lips feels on mine. When we kiss her lips are so delicate but so full of lust. That alone makes me so turned on but then the clothes start coming off and she puts her lips somewhere else. I’ve had guys make me come from oral, but not the way a girl makes me cum. Sorry, guys but girls just now how to eat out another girl soooo much better. And to top it off, my friend I took turns using the vibrating dildo on each other until we were exhausted and probably out of orgasms.

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Pantera XXX – Teasing Out A Dildo


Pantera XXX Testing Out A New Dildo!

Hey guys! I got a package from the UPS man today. I wouldn’t mind of some of his package but inside the box that he gave me was a brand new dildo. I love surprises like that in the mail. I totally had no idea it was coming and wanted to think the Pantera XXX member who bought it for me! As a very big thank you, I thought I’d show him and the rest of you guys some pictures of me taking this new dildo for a test drive. I wasn’t really feeling horny at all today, until I opened up this package. By the time the camera was set up and the dildo was out of it’s packaging, I was already wet. The dildo slid in me easily and I loved the way it filled me up. It wasn’t long at all before I was able to bring myself to an orgasm!

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Pantera XXX – Sexy Blowjob Vids


I do a lot of solo photo shots, they’re fun and everything but I really love the shots with guys. In front of the camera or when there’s not a camera around I love cock. I love to make guys cum, I love suck cock and you had better bet I love to get fucked. I’m the kind of girl that needs it all the time, I’ve had boyfriends that can’t keep up with me. LOL. I even broke up with one boyfriend because he got mad at me when I woke him up in the middle of the night. You think a guy would be happy to get a blowjob anytime, day or night.

Pantera XXX Blowjob And Cumshot Video Clips.

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Pantera XXX – Sticky Blowjob and a facial


Pantera XXX Sucking Cock And Getting A Facial

I’m so freaking hungover right now, it isn’t even funny. And what makes it worse is that I’m really horny too. Last night, one of my guy friends had a birthday party at this really chic club. It was a lot of fun and I drank way more than I usually do. Normally, I’ll just have a few drinks but last night I lost count of how many I had. My friend just kept sending drinks my way and since it was his birthday I couldn’t refuse. I remember taking a cab home, I remember walking into my apartment but I totally don’t remember getting in my bed. I even slept naked, I must have been hoping someone would come and wake me up. Anyways, check out these pictures from time when Id did get some action. I gave another one of my guy friends a blowjob he’ll never forget and covered me with his cum. It wasn’t long after that he fucked my brains out. It was hot!

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Pantera XXX – Horny Lesbian Friends


Pantera XXX fooling around with her lesbian girlfriend!

Boys, meet one of my best friends, Renee. I’ve known Renee since even before I was doing adult modeling. She was the first girl I kissed, and the first girl that went down on me. I think we were eighteen at the time, it was the summer after we graduated. We were at a party and there were all sorts of guys that wanted to get into our panties that night and they were all pretty jealous that the only person I was going home with that night was Renee. Most of them probably had no idea that later that night we were going to be rolling around the bed naked, exploring each other’s bodies with our tongues. It was definitely a night I’ll never forget and try to get together with Renee at least a few times a year still.

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Pantera XXX – Sexy Bikini at the beach


I know a lot of you guys are going to hate me right now. While much of the Midwest and northeast has been getting buried in snow and ice, I was at the beach today. It was in the eighties today and my photographer decided we should head to the beach. There’s definitely a reason why you won’t catch me in the north after September. I guess you could call me a snowbird, but I love wearing my bikini year round and if I have to head to Hawaii, I’ll do it! Anyways, click here to see some pictures from my photo shoot at the beach. I wore this really tiny string bikini and thong. It definitely got some attention from the other people on the beach, especially the men!

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